Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Polkin' Around The Market

Topshop top | XXI blouse | H&M trousers | Pitaya sunglasses | Converse sneakers
photos by myself & Imani Abdul-Jabbar

This past weekend my sister and I ventured off to our local farmer's market in search of fruit and something to occupy our Saturday morning. We biked our way there, occasionally stopping to capture Instagram-worthy greenery in our quaint little neighbor. Finally, we wound up at the market, which was buzzing with positive energy. We discovered so many new veggies and fruits that we've yet to try, and purchased some of the essentials. Not the worst way to start your morning, right?

I opted to channel the fun vibe of the market by mixing prints, a way to instantly amp up a casual, monochromatic outfit. What's your favorite way to spend your Saturday morning?

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Beloved Isle Cayman | Photo Diary

When you ditch crystal clear beaches and year-round 80-degree weather for greyscale skylines and months of below-freezing temperatures, you get to thinking about some things. As one of those seemingly insane people who vacated a glorified vacation spot to live in The Second City, I can testify that you truly don't know what you have leave it. Perhaps if you've grown up on a small island or in a small town, you can relate. It wasn't until I spent a year away from Cayman, that I realized how blessed I am to call this island home.
       L: My favorite quiet beach spot, The Avalon; R: Local boutique bikini top & American Apparel bottom

During this trip I took the time to reconnect with my island and appreciate what I took for granted while living there. Naturally, this resulted in an endless amount of trips to the beach- my ultimate happy place. When I'm squishing my feet in the wet sand or floating in the sea, I am truly at peace. My sister and I revisited some of our favorite beach spots and even discovered some new ones. I think it's safe to say that I returned to Chicago about ten shades darker than I was when I left.
       L: Jessie's Juice Bar & Cafe; R: Our favorite juices, Clean Green & The Amazonian
One can not simply frolic along the beach in the sweltering Caribbean heat haphazardly. A successful beach day requires a few breaks in the shade and an enormous amount of hydration. I've found that sipping on fresh juice or water throughout the day is the best way to stay hydrated and keep cool. 
       R: Urban Outfitters sunnies
      T: Kayaking on Seven Mile Beach  B: Parasailing with my sister, Imani 

I've recently been inspired to live my life more adventurously. However, I've never been too keen on the adrenaline rush so I've been easing my way into a more active lifestyle. I paddle-boarded for the first time at Rum Point and kayaked along Seven Mile Beach, BUT my greatest feat of all was tackling my fear of heights and deep, open waters by going parasailing. Parasailing was one of the most terrifying yet exhilarating experiences. The view was absolutely stunning and, to be honest, I felt like a total badass dangling from 400+ feet in the air.
       R: Old Navy boyfriend jeans that I DIY'd, Pitaya bracelet, ZeroUV sunglasses, Topshop sliders
       R: Urban Outfitters tee, vintage Levi's shorts
       L: H&M blouse, Old Navy jeans, XXI sunnies

Island life teaches you that there is beauty in simplicity. I was continuously inspired by my island's effortless allure to take a casual approach to my looks. Most days, I opted for summer basics like airy blouses, kimonos, maxi dresses and distressed denim. For my makeup- that's if I wore any at all- I simply filled my brows, concealed my under eyes, dusted my face with powder and finished the look off with mascara and SPF lip balm. 
       L: Target bikini top, American Apparel bottom, my mom's coverup; R: Guineps that we bought at roadside fruit stand
       L: My dream home-- a bright beachside house with a private hut 
       L: My last swim of the trip in an H&M bikini; R: Carrying my life in an Old Navy bucket bag

As our trip was coming to a close, my sister and I took it upon ourselves to become tourists in our own country. We ducked in souvenir shops and snapped pictures along the waterfront. After living in Cayman for over ten years, we took the bus for the very first time. Let me break it down for you: As you're standing or walking along the road the driver honks his horn. You signal him with the wave of an arm and he pulls over. You find your seat amongst the five rows of seats within what is more of a van than a bus. Once you're ready for him to stop, you yell something along the lines of, "Driva', one stop!" and hand him your cash. Do you see what I mean about simplicity? Ahh..Caribbean 'tings <3
       L: Old Navy tee & overalls, XXI sunglasses

This was by far the best trip back home I've ever experienced. I spent a lot of time with my family, practically lived on the beach and challenged myself to try new things. It's always so difficult to leave home, but I know that more adventures and good vibes are awaiting for when I return. Until next time, Cayman <3

How has your summer been? Have you traveled or tried anything new? Let me know what you're up to!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Go With The Flow

Mom's dress | Urban Outfitters kimono & sunglasses | Macy's bag | Topshop sandals 
Urban Outfitters bralette | XXI necklace
photos by Imani Abdul-Jabbar

The loose maxi dress is a gal's best friend. It's forgiving and keeps secrets-- like your winter weight gain or that Chipotle-for-lunch food baby. It doesn't pinch your waist or try to suck you in; it accepts you as you are. A maxi dress says, "Be yourself, girl." There's no piece as comfortable or effortlessly stylish. Plus, this summer essential is extremely versatile. I love pairing maxi dresses with kimonos and gladiator sandals for a boho-esque look.

How would you style the maxi dress?

[P.s. Happy 4th of July to all who are celebrating today!]

Get the look:

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