Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Currently Craving: Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Gypsy Warrior & Aldo

Currently Craving: Dorothy Perkins, H&M, Aldo & Gypsy Warrior

1. H&M Drawstring Pants
I love the loose fitted pants that have been trending lately. This pair from H&M look so stylish yet comfy.

2. H&M Collared Dress
Call me crazy but I've already got my eyes on pieces that I want to buy for spring. I think this dress is so cute and a lovely color for spring.

3. Gypsy Warrior Arrow Cuff
I'm in love with Gypsy Warrior's jewelry. This cuff will be perfect to add to some arm candy.

4. Aldo 'Gyal' Ankle Strap Heel
I love how elegant these heels look. These could be styled so many different ways so I think they'd be worth splurging on.

I'm in love with this bag. It looks so sleek and has tons of storage. Perfect for a shopping day!

6. Aldo 'Chism' Sneaker Wedges
I've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of sneaker wedges and fell in love with these. I decided to give in and buy them!

I love plaid flannel shirts and they're becoming quite popular again. I love the studded details on this one.

8. Gypsy Warrior 'Bradley' Sunglasses
I've been wanting to expand my glasses collection since as of now it only consists of  three pairs. 

9. H&M Split Maxi Skirt
The split maxi skirt has been trending for some time now but I love the jersey material of this one. I think it makes it a bit more edgy.



  1. Great items!!

  2. i am really loving the pieces you have picked out here esp. the salmon colored dress, black tote, and maxi skirt. i really need to get more maxi skirts into my life ...
    xx rae

    1. Thanks hun! I love maxi skirts. They're so comfy and stylish. Definitely a must-have :)


  3. ohh i love that bag, your blog is lovely, keep up the good work :)


  4. Fantastic blog and brilliant post! You're amazing!!! You're got such fantastic taste! Loving the way you write too. :-) Absolutely brilliant!

    Looking forward to more posts from you. I'm now following you on BlogLovin!

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  5. lovely post darling....

    have a sneak peek of my posts are comming up...if you really like it please follow on gfc..already followed of course...


    comme il faut

  6. I would love the maxi skirt, wrap the plaid shirt around my waist and carry the bag out with me (there would be a t-shirt there as well lol)


  7. Hey,
    I love reading your blog and decided to nominate you for the Liebster Award! Check out my blog for all the details on it!



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